People Who Won The Lottery More Than Once

They are the world’s most successful lottery players. See who has won the lottery the most times and how they did it.

If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you do? Maybe you would pay off your debts. Or buy a new car. Whatever it is, how likely would you be to buy another lottery ticket? You’ve already won, right? So there’s no point in entering again. 

Not according to these people. They all continued to buy lottery tickets and found that their luck was even greater than they could possibly have imagined.

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Bill Morgan – Won again on live TV

Courtesy of YOUTUBE

Bill Morgan had already been through some tough times. He was involved in an accident, survived a heart attack during which his heart had stopped for 14 minutes and had been in a coma for more than a week. Perhaps inspired by his ability to pull through, Bill bought a lottery ticket. When the draw came, he was delighted to discover that he’d won a car. This was massive for truck-driver Bill, who was at the time living in a caravan. 

A local Melbourne news crew covered Bill’s story and took him to the store where he had won the ticket. For their story, they asked Bill to buy another ticket to reenact his winning experience. Little did they realize that Bill had yet again chosen a winning ticket. The second time he won even more than a car- his prize being a fantastic AU$250,000!

See Bill’s second win caught on camera:

Juan Hernandez – Won twice on the same lotto

who has won the lottery the most times
Courtesy of New York Lottery

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That seems to have been the attitude of Juan Hernandez, who won New York Lottery’s Deluxe scratch-off game again in 2022 after he’d previously won it in 2019. Mr Hernandez was apparently still trying to spend his original winnings when he won a second time, so hopefully he put his second win to good use. In total, he won more than $13 million!

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Melvyn Wilson- “I invest in Melvyn!”

who has won the lottery the most times
Courtesy of Virginia Lottery

Melvyn Wilson kicked off his fortunate run in 2004 when he won $25,000 (£18,815) on a scratchcard. A year later, he scratched his way to $1 million (£752,400) and $500,000 (£376,300) respectively in Virginia Lottery winnings. Then, in 2013, Melvyn struck it rich yet again! On another Virginia Lottery scratchcard, he won $500,000 (£377,800). “I invest in Melvyn!” answered the retired postal worker when asked what he does with all of his gains. It seems that it was a good investment.

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Racy Pel- Two wins and a new car

who has won the lottery the most times
Courtesy of California Lottery

Racy had been playing the same numbers for 6 years without any significant wins. He never changed them though because they were made up of anniversaries, birthdays and lucky numbers. on December 18, his commitment paid off twice!

The smaller ticket won him $32,304, which would have been enough for him to replace his car which he said often would break down on his way to work. But Racy wasn’t done there. His larger ticket won him a massive $50 million! He was one of the cooler lottery winners around because he didn’t immediately go and collect his winnings. Mr Pel waited for a week and presented his tickets on Christmas Eve, apparently because that was his first day off from the office.

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