Monster Lotto Inc. is a website that lets you purchase lottery tickets. Even if you don’t live in the same country as the lottery providers.

At Monster Lotto Inc., we know what it’s like to read about a huge lottery jackpot and not be able to participate. We would hear stories about a Powerball rollover reaching over a billion dollars, and wish that we lived in the USA just so we could buy a ticket. Instead we had to settle for our own country’s lotteries. They weren’t nearly as exciting or exotic to us.

But hang on, we thought, what if we could actually buy Powerball lottery tickets without having to actually go to the USA? Even better, what if we could buy tickets to lotteries all over the world without ever needing to leave our computer, phone or tablet? That was our goal.

We worked night and day, researching options, finding solutions. And in the end, Monster Lotto Inc. was born.

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We are proud to offer global lotteries to almost anybody on the planet! As long as you are of legal age to purchase lottery tickets in your home country (and you are not from one of the few restricted countries) you’re free to join us and enter any lottery you wish!

Monster Lotto Inc. purchases real tickets to real lotteries, just for you. We have a global network of agents ready and waiting for when you place your order. As soon as you do, they buy the ticket with the corresponding numbers that you have given. They then upload a scan of the ticket to your player account, so you will be able to see the ticket that you have bought.

We then store the tickets securely on your behalf. When you win, we automatically upload the amount to your player account for withdrawal or, if the balance is high enough, to purchase additional tickets for future lotteries.

We let you decide how to claim your winnings.

Some players are concerned that, when they win the jackpot, they might have to conduct a public interview, or pose for a photo with a giant cheque. Not so with Monster Lotto Inc.! We respect that our players like to keep private and out of the public eye, so we offer the option to collect the jackpot prize from the issuing lottery for you and directly transfer it via a method of your choice. By choosing this option, you give yourself the freedom to decide who does and does not know about your new wealth.

Alternatively, if you want to collect the prize yourself and in person, we can arrange travel for you to collect the ticket from one of our offices. From there you can go to the official lottery provider and hand the winning ticket over to them, just as somebody who bought the ticket themselves would do.

However you want to win, we have a solution.

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Monster Lotto Inc. uses a fully licensed and regulated platform. If you have any further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us!