Lottery Tickets

You can now play the biggest lottery draws in the world by buying official tickets online. With Monster Lotto Inc., you can enter a lottery online and buy lotto tickets. Just pick your favourite numbers, buy your lottery tickets online and let us do the rest!

All that’s left for you to do after you buy lottery tickets online is to wait for the numbers to be chosen and celebrate your win. Sounds easy, right?

Why play a lottery?

Playing lotteries can bring you untold riches if you win big, it quite literally changes lives. This is made even more impressive when you consider the price of a ticket. Where else can somebody earn millions of dollars having invested only two or three?

If you don’t win big, however, you should still make sure you are having fun when you play the lottery. The most important thing to remember is that playing the lottery online is meant to be enjoyable. Never play if you become over-reliant or find yourself spending more than you can afford.

How to play Eurojackpot

Eurojackpot is a transnational European lottery launched in March 2012. The aim is to match 5 correct numbers from 1 to 50 plus another 2 supplementary numbers out of 10. There are 12 tiers of prizes for Euro jackpot. 

You can either choose your lucky numbers yourself or get them from quick-pick tool. All 7 numbers need to be chosen correctly so that the jackpot can be claimed.

You can check the previous results to see which numbers have been drawn most recently. You may either see the most frequently or the least frequently numbers on your ticket.

What happens when you win Eurojackpot?

Prizes will be paid directly into your bank account.

Is Eurojackpot the same as Euromillions?

Each of the lottos follow a similar format, with participants trying to match the numbers on 5 regular balls out of 50 and 2 special balls to win a prize. However, the lotteries differentiate in that Eurojackpot Euro Balls are only numbered from 1 to 10 while Euromillions star balls are spread out between 1 and 12.

How to play Mega Millions

The easiest way to play Mega Millions is to let our system randomly select your Mega Millions numbers via the quick-pick tool. Our computer system will select five numbers randomly with the numbers 1 to 75 which are known as the white balls. Then our system will select one random number from 1 to 15 which is known as the Mega ball.

What is the Powerball?

The Powerball jackpot is won by matching five white balls, in any order, plus the one red Powerball number. You can win seven additional ways by matching fewer numbers. Powerball is a lottery with the highest rollovers out there.

Is it better to quick-pick or choose?

Whether you choose your own numbers or quick-pick, your odds of winning the lottery are identical. More people use the quick-pick option (so there are obviously more quick-pick winners), but you won’t gain any competitive advantage either way. 

You may check out the recent results to check the most frequently and the least frequently chosen numbers that have won.

How do you pick Powerball numbers?

Select five numbers from 1 to 69 for the white balls; then select one number from 1 to 26 for the red Powerball. The Powerball jackpot grows until it is won.